The Royal College International School 60 Years of Educational Excellence

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.”

John Dewey

Why Royal College

High Academic Standards

We strictly follow the international curriculum. Our small number of students in each class reassures more interaction between the teacher and the child. This will assist them in their growth as they learn and grab new information.

Our Values

Traditional values of manner, respect & honor will be taught to our students from early stages with our nation’s history & development.

Community Service

All students will be involved in the community services projects at the school to ensure that your child is brought up with the respect to others and the care for others.


We will coach with the values of up brining new generation of leaders. Your child will be inquisitive to know answers and explore new ways of development. Your child will be ready to face the life challenges armed with the power of knowledge, and the leader values and character.

Our Facilities

Our school campus offers world-class learning facilities with the latest in classroom technology and IT infrastructure. The school houses extensive sports and recreational facilities to cater to students from the Early Years Foundation till they graduate to college.

The campus is designed to provide a bright, modern and extremely well-resourced environment for our students to extend their learning.

  • Activity rooms and an Assembly Hall
  • Specialist Laboratories for Science
  • Studios for Art, Dance and Movement, Music, Drama and Fine Arts
  • Libraries for different Key Stages
  • Multi-Purpose Sports and Performances Halls
  • Multi-court Sports Decks
  • Swimming Pool (heated)
  • Dedicated Outdoor Play Zones