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At RCIS assessment helps us set targets and identify areas of growth and areas for development.

  • Pre-assessment (Admission Assessment)

This type of Assessment is done when a new child comes in. it is essential during the beginning of the learning process: it provides teachers with the information necessary to determine the entry level of the child.

  • Formative assessment

Formative assessment and teaching are directly linked; neither can function effectively and purposefully without the other. It is an integral Part of Daily Teaching and learning where teachers monitor and assess the students to define the knowledge that has been acquired.

  • Summative assessment

It is the assessment that happens at the end of each term it give the students that opportunity to show and demonstrates what they have learned. The summative assessment comes in many forms like quizzes, projects, presentations and performances. This allows that students to demonstrate the academic, physical, artistic, social or ethical skill that they have developed.


A portfolio is a celebration of learning, but also a tool for assessment and reflection. It is a collection of student’s work which demonstrates growth, thinking, and creativity.

Reporting Progress

Information on the progress student is given in a bi-annual progress report. The progress reports are usually available at the E- School at the end of each term.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]